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Limagrain Cereal Seeds acquired the Trio breeding program a couple years ago.  They are located at Fort Collins, CO, and they have continued to utilize the facility at Valley Center, KS.  They have been able to bring in new sources of genetics and have rapidly developed many exceptional varieties.

T158 has been a very solid producer for us with very good yield potential.  It isn't as well suited for low pH soil as other varieties though.

LCS Mint is a newer variety that has had a very good yield history in the region.  It is a medium maturity variety, but is photoperiod sensitive, so maturity has varied from year to year.

LCS Wizard is a newer variety that has yielded very well.  It has exceptional straw strength and acid soil tolerance. It has a delayed hollow stem that allows it to be grazed longer without adversely affecting grain yield much.

LCS Pistol is an offspring of T158 and has excellent drought tolerance and yield potential.  It has good tolerance to acid soil, and a very good disease package so far.

LCS Chrome is a new release that has very good yield potential. It has excellent straw and is resistant to leaf rust and stripe rust. It is a medium maturity variety.

T-173 is a Soft Red Winter awnless wheat variety that is an excellent choice for forage production.

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