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AgriPro WheatAgriPro Wheat

AgriPro Wheat guide - Take a look at the 2016-2017 Central Plains guide here.

SY Llano is a fairly new release.  It is a early variety that has very good grazing and good yield results.

AP 503CL2 is a two gene clearfield wheat.  It has performed well and gives the option of using herbicides to control feral rye and other hard to control grasses.

Jackpot has very good yield potential, and performs well planted late in double crop situations, as well as early for grazing. It is an excellent choice following Grain Sorghum.

SY Monument has developed into one of the top varieties for a good part of the region. It has a good disease package, and good drought tolerance as well as excellent top-end yield potential.

SY Flint is a new release that has shown some excellent potential.  It is a medium-early variety with good test weight and straw strength. 

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