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    We have a few options to fill your forage/silage needs.  Most of those are with brown mid-rib traits which provides improved digestibility so your animals can get more of the nutrients out of the feed you are feeding.


 MG 808 is a very high-yielding, high-quality product that has quickly become a favored choice of dairies and others searching for a high quality feed. It has shortened internodes which leads to much shorter distance between leaves on the stem, as well as improved standability.  This variety also has high grain yield for silage as well.  We have reports of 20 ton/acre on dryland and 30 ton/acre irrigated with little difference if any in quality compared to corn. 


Top Notch is a good high quality, high yielding product that has a very good history for us.  It has a high grain yield and is a highly digestible product. This product is from a different line, it is a BMR product as well and has a high grain yield also.

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