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   Kauffman Seeds has been one of the main wholesale & retail suppliers of Cover Crop Seeds in the region starting 12 years ago.  We work with each customer on an individual basis to meet each customer's individual goals based on past and future crops and soil improvement goals.  Through the years Cover Crops have become an increasingly important part of our business.  We feel it is a vital tool to improve soil health for our customers.  We can pre-inoculate mixes, or sell the inoculant and let that get done when it is going into the drill later by the customer.  We try to stay up to date on any new species that might be out there to fill any niches that we experience.  Make sure about the termination date for your area to maintain compliance with your insurance.

    High diversity mixes have been proven to be very resilient in high stress environments and very productive and benficial to soil biology, and the above ground biology as well.  I have seen on our own farm the improved stress tolerance that even a 3-4 species mix can provide over a single species.  They tolerate the high heat and drought much better together than they do separately.  This has been observed over the last three years, so have had plenty of stressful conditions to compare them in.

High diversity mixes are key.High diversity mixes are key.

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